Healthy Hair Smoothing

Healthy Hair Smoothing: Have you always dreamed of straight manageable hair! If you usually style your hair straight, there are 5 healthy salon hair straightening treatments available: Keratin, Original Brazilian, Thermal/Rebonding, Botox Hair-Treatment & Instant Smoothing.



Keratin treatment is a temporary straightening process that transforms frizzy, unruly hair into straight, shiny, healthy hair. (2-4 months)

Original Brazilian Treatment is the most versatile of all treatments, softens and relaxes curly, frizzy, damaged hair.  Hair will be Shiny, exceptional Smooth, Healthy and Ultra manageable. (2-4 months)

Thermal reconditioning (Japanese straightening/Rebonding) is specially formulated to permanently straighten naturally curly hair. Your hair is exceptional smooth, sleek shine and ultra manageable that last. (3-6 months)

Botox Hair Treatment (Newest Treatment) that is a deep conditioner that reconstructs hair, repairs chemical & flatiron damaged or broken hair. It works on all types of hair. The secret of Hair Botox is the organic microspheres which are designed to determine the degree of absorption, allowing the vitamins, antioxidants and proteins to penetrate in to the hair providing incredible results that gives you easy to manage, frizz-free, and lustrous hair every day. (2-4 months)

Instant Smoothing Treatment is designed to last up to 6 weeks. Excellent treatment to receive prior to vacation for frizz-free styling.