A DIY Hair Conditioning Treatment

Why spend crazy money on conditioners when you can use home products. Whether you’ve curly, waves, or crazy textured hair, conditioning is a most to control frizz and lack of shine. Olive oil and Coconut oil is the best kept secret hair for curly hair. This all-natural wonder ingredient, unlike most oils, penetrates deep into the hair shaft, rather than sitting on the surface. They work as a hair primer locking moisture that curly is lacking, due to the hair cuticle not being close.  It is great for all hair types, but especially chemically-damaged and curly hair because it helps heal protein loss and makes the hair stronger over time. Using olive oil and coconut oil on your hair regularly can also help increase the shine, softness, and manageability while decreasing frizz, dandruff, and hair loss.


Here are tips on DIY treatments:  1. Buy Extra Virgin Olive oil or Virgin Coconut oil. 2. Shampoo your hair 3-4 time until your hair feels rough. This will opens up the your hair cuticle which will allow moisture to lock in.  3.  Apply a tablespoon size of Extra Virgin Olive or Virgin Coconut oil  (scoop a tablespoon size out of your jar and it will melt instantly between your fingers). 4. If you suffer from a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, start by using the pads of your fingers to apply the oil to your whole scalp, massaging gently so the scalp can really absorb the coconut oil. 5. Then, apply the oil to your hair section by section. This really depends on your hair, if you have fine hair then avoid the roots, but for thick or very curly hair, apply the oil evenly to the length of the strand.
6. Then wrap your hair in an plastic cap.  To intensify the treatment and get even better results, you can apply heat with a warm towel or your blow dryer. Leave on your hair for at least 20 minutes.  7. The next shampoo, condition and style your hair as usual!
Three shampoo is enough for most curly hair, but if you feel you need it, you can shampoo a many times until your hair feel clean.
Olive oil and Coconut oil also makes a healthy, all-natural hair sealer for extra shine and to prevent frizz. If you’re trying to grow longer, thicker hair, olive oil and coconut oil aids in breakage prevention and retaining moisture.

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