What Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making?

Going Days Without Shampooing Your Hair

If you are not shampooing your hair every day is actually can damage to your hair’s health. Shampooing your hair daily removes dead skin cells from the scalp, increases blood circulation to the hair follicles, and removes oils and perspiration from the scalp, in turns makes for a healthier environment to grow hair.  Most of us think that natural oils help maintain moisture and promote a healthier scalp but, the truth is oils lubricate and not hydrate. The scalp dryness is the lack of water moisture.  Natural oils do lubricate the ends of your hair.  So, lets look at the facts: there is good bacteria on your scalp and bad bacteria,  if you shampoo infrequently, the bad bacteria breeds faster and causes itching and dryness.  I highly recommend shampooing your hair once a day and for those of you who are not convinced at least shampoo every other day.  


Here are a few tips for healthier scalp and hair:   1.  Be sure to shampoo your hair with mild shampoos — preferably sulfate-free ( L’Oreal, Peter Coppola).  2. Natural curly needs moisture shampoo —  preferably super hydration  ( Matrix, Rusk ). 


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