Let’s talk about the scary way your straightener could be ruining your hair.

For anyone who’s forever straightening their hair again and again.  Hair damage is to follow, because there’s a secret culprit you need to know about: Your flat iron.   When it comes to hair, high heat is no one’s friend.  Stephanie argues that most of us don’t even cook our food in the oven at 400 degrees, so why in the world would we do that to your hair? Most of you think the higher the heat the better it will straightening your hair. But, that is not true. Flat iron’s heat up from 175 degrees to 400 degrees and you never know when it will fluctuate, do to the cheap heating element.  Even if you have the setting on 175 degrees it could change and without notice and fry all the moisture out of your hair.  Leaving your hair frizzy without shine.

Soft. Smooth. Straight. Just Straight Hair!

Here are a few tips for healthy straightening:  1. Never blow dry your hair on high setting. 2. Always use a thermal protective spray.  3. Buy a good flat iron (GHD, Chi, Bio Ionic) 4. If there are setting use the low setting (175-200 degrees)  5. Never go over your hair more than 2-3 times.     


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